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Simplicity and comfort set the tone of the guest rooms. The mountain-view and ocean-view rooms further introduce the essence of Hualien through the large windows to offer guests a relaxing and stress-free travel experience.


Additional Information:

  • Check-in time at 15:00; check-out time at 11:00
  • To provide better travel accommodation, please reserve the proper type of room to accommodate the number of persons traveling, no extra fee on extra bed upon check-in.
  • Infants are children under 109cm (or Age 0-5); children are 110cm-140cm tall (or Age 6-10); adults are those who over 141cm (or aged 11 and above).
  • Family-friendly Services: Crib, Bumper, and Baby tub. Please make reservations in advance for the items you will need.
  • A Pets Room is available in the hotel, please make a reservation. In order to keep up quality accommodation, please do not bring pets into guest rooms.
  • According to the Tobacco Hazard Prevention Act, smoking is prohibited in the entire hotel building.
  • Please note that the guest room arrangement may be subject to change based on the actual accommodation.
  • Weekdays, high season, holidays and other definitions are subject to the hotel announcements.

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